Alumni Donation Program

Why Donate?

There are lots of reasons to donate to the FIT Alumni Association, but the most compelling are the human ones—the untold number of FIT students that we have helped directly through either scholarships, awards or financial aid.

There are also instances like the young woman who needed $500 to make it through the rest of the semester, otherwise she’d have been forced to drop out. Through the generosity of regular donors, we had funds available to help her, and many others in her similar situation.

We also sponsor cash prizes for student design competitions, networking events where students can meet industry professionals, departmental alumni events, and models for Illustration department life-drawing classes. We also make regular donations to FIT’s fund-raising events such as the FIT Foundation’s fund-raising gala dinner and the Couture Council luncheon which raises funds for the Museum at FIT.

There are also major projects such as the construction of Alumni Hall and sponsoring a recent fundraising reception for earthquake/tsunami relief in Tokyo.

In short we work to fill in the gaps. To react in ways that the college or the foundation cannot, and to make the more human, personal connection possible.